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Garnering gold…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

We followed a golden path through a wood steeped in history and mystery. Mesolithic folk once walked here, whose flints are found eroding from the soft earth. Mines have been dug to gather minerals from deep below a surface where bars of gold have been found with no known origin to explain their presence. The shadows of legends seem to flit across peripheral vision and even on a golden autumn day, there is a feeling of being watched by something older than Man.

We had always planned to return to Alderley Edge and we will doubtless have to go back again. There is simply never enough time to see everything at any site…not properly. You need time to sit with a place, to listen to the whispering of blade and leaf and the long, slow voice of stone. And here, there are so many secrets to discover.

Many of these…

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The Dragon of Elizabeth’s Seas.

The Silent Eye

Francis Drake SE18 Montage fullIt is the beginning of May, 1587, and a man known locally as The Dragon is headed for Cadiz on Spain’s Atlantic coast. His mission is not peaceful. The act of sailing to Cadiz poses few challenges for this master mariner, who, ten years prior, had already circumnavigated the globe – becoming only the second person (after Magellan) to do so.

But what follows his arrival in Cadiz, at the head of a small fleet centred on four English galleons, is extraordinary by any measure…

In the sixteenth century, Spain is the mightiest empire in Europe–its wealth boosted by gold plundered from the New World… It is also considered the fiercest defender of the Catholic faith; a faith under threat from the growth of Protestantism in Northern Europe, including its foremost enemy: England.

Phillip II has the Pope’s blessing to invade and subdue England, using whatever means is necessary. The…

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