On the trail again…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

We tend not to do any research before we visit a sacred site, be it an old church or a stone circle. I have written before of some of our reasons. First, there is the risk of spoiling the surprise as you begin to notice what is there. Then too, with no expectations, you are not disappointed if a wonderful place is locked. You get a chance to ‘feel’ the site too, without an overlay of specific knowledge contamination first impressions. But there is an even simpler reason for not doing research prior to a visit… half the time, we have no idea where we are going.

We may set out for a specific place, but we invariably get sidetracked, or something ‘clicks’ and we end up chasing down clues. And sometimes, there is an odd combination of circumstances, like closed roads, traffic or a bird to follow, that just…

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