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The Wisdom of Sun and Moon…


The Temple was made of whole, draft stones.

Yet, hammers and axes, or any instrument made of iron, was not to be heard in the Temple while it was being built. – (I Kings. 6:7)


Solomon went to the Holy Men and said, “Tell me, how should the Temple be constructed?”

The Holy Men answered him, “You must find the Naxian Stone which Moses used to engrave the breast plate of the High Priest.”

“And where should I find the Naxian Stone?” asked Solomon.

“We know it not,” replied the Holy Men, and they shrugged their shoulders.

So, Solomon summoned demons, both male and female, and asked them if they knew the whereabouts of the stone.

They said to him, “We do not know where it is located, but perhaps Asmodeus, Prince of the Demons, knows.”

“And where should I find him?” asked Solomon.

“He is in the mountains, carving out a cistern. Every morning he fills it up with water, covers it over with cobble stones, and seals it with his seal,” said the demons. “Then he flies up into the heavens, learns a thing or two from the celestial school, then flies back down to earth and learns a thing or two from the terrestrial school, after which, he returns to examine the seal on his cistern to check that it has not been broken. Then he opens the seal himself, drinks from the cistern, covers it over again, replaces his seal upon it, and dozes off to sleep.” …