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The Wisdom of Sun and Moon II…


… So, Solomon sent for Benai, the son of Yehoda.

He gave to him a chain and an anklet inscribed with the Ineffable Name and woollen yarns, and leather sacks containing wine, and told him what he must do with them.

Then Benai went to the mountains and while Asmodeus was in the celestial realms he dug a cistern beneath that which was made by Asmodeus and drained out the water that was in the upper so that it emptied itself into the nether, and then he clogged them both up with the woollen yarns.

When Asmodeus was in the terrestrial realms Benai carved out a cistern above the one made by Asmodeus, pouring in to it wine which then emptied into the other, after which he covered it over again and climbed up into a tree.

When Ashmodeus eventually came to the cistern and examined his seal, he opened it and found that, instead of water, there was wine inside it!

‘Wine is a mocker, and strong drink is raging,’  he reasoned, ‘I shall not drink of it.’

But when he began to thirst the more and more he changed his tune, thinking, ‘yet wine makes glad the heart of man and turns the face more radiant than oil.’

So, Asmodeus drank of the wine but soon became drunk and fell into a stupor.

Benai then came and cast upon him the chain and the anklet given to him by Solomon and locked them.

When he awoke, Asmodeus saw, to his dismay, that he was fettered in iron and tried to break loose.

But Benai said to him, “my Master’s name is inscribed upon your hands and feet and you are bound!” …