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The Wisdom of Sun and Moon III…


… While Asmodeus was being drawn along in his binding, every tree that he passed, he would brush himself against, and cast it down.

Every house that he approached, he would cast down.

He reached the dwelling place of a certain poor, elderly woman, being but a sepulchre carved from the rock.

She came out and began pleading with him that he was not to destroy her humble abode.

He then bent down his great stature, breaking a bone within himself, while doing so, he became awakened to a sense of his condition.

Asmodeus then saw a blind man who had erred as he walked along the road.

He lifted the man up, and put him back on the right path.

Asmodeus then saw a house where there was merry-making, and within which the people were exceedingly happy.

He began to cry.

Asmodeus then overheard a man saying to a shoemaker, “Make me a pair of shoes that will last me for seven years!”

He began to laugh.

Finally, Benai and Asmodeus, reached their destination…