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The Wisdom of Sun and Moon IV…


… Benai, the son of Yehoda, said to Asmodeus, “Tell me,  the reason for all the things that you did on the way to the palace.  When you saw that blind man who erred on the road, why did you lift him up and put him on the right path?”

Asmodeus answered, “It was because I heard a proclamation over him in heaven, saying that he was wholly a righteous man, and that whoever gratified his soul would have a portion in the world to come.”

“And what was the reason, when you saw the house of merry-making, that you began to cry?” asked Benai.

Answered Asmodeus, “It was because the man who had just been married, unawares of his plight, was to die within thirty days. His bride would perforce keep herself unwedded for thirteen years more, until she could be wedded again in a marriage to the younger brother of her deceased husband, now but a child.”

“And what is the reason, when you heard that man saying to a shoemaker, ‘Make me a pair of shoes that will last me for seven years,’ that you began to laugh?” asked Benai.

Answered Asmodeus, “It was because that man had not even seven more days to live. What use, then, is it to him having shoes that will last him seven years?” …