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The Wisdom of Sun and Moon V…


After three days, Asmodeus was brought before Solomon.

In his hand, he had taken up a stave which men use to measure, and he immediately measured out four cubits on the palace floor. Throwing down the stave before Solomon, he said to the king, “This man has naught in the world save four cubits of the grave. Were you not satisfied in conquering the whole world that you had to come and conquer me?”

Solomon said to him, “I do not want anything from you. I only wish to build the Temple and stand in need of the Naxian Stone.”

Asmodeus answered the king, “The stone has not been delivered into my keep, but rather, into that of the Prince of the Sea. And he has given its secret to none, save to the hoopoe bird, seeing that she alone is faithful in keeping to her sworn oath.”

“And what does she do with it?”

“She takes the rare stone to those desolate mountains where there is no settlement of any kind, and lays it on the ledge of a mountain. This is the reason her name is translated by us in the Aramaic tongue, ‘Mountain Carpenter’, seeing that she will first cleave the mountains, and then bring there seeds from other trees, and throw them down, causing them to spring up in those places.”

Soloman sent out Benai to search for the hoopoe bird.

He found a nest that had fledglings, and covered the nest over with a plate of translucent glass.

When the mother bird returned to her nest, seeking to go inside and feed her chicks, she could not do so.

So, she went off then to the mountains, and returned with a Naxian stone, hoping to cut the glass plate.

But Benai took the stone from her and returned to the palace with the treasure.