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A dog called Toby? III

Domingos Sequeira – Tobias heals the blindness of his father


… “On a recognised Pilgrimage route?”

“Why not?”

“Well, that would explain the presence of the two other Archangels in the paintings even though there is no mention of them in the story.”

“It would.”

“So where does Tobit travel to?”

“It’s just given as a ‘far distant land’ in the version we have but it, maybe, can’t be too far distant if Tobit is related to the family he stays with, which he is.”

“And this artistic tradition surfaced how long after the ‘dissolution’ of the Templars?”

“Enjoyed, ‘dissolution’. Oh, about a hundred years or so.”

“Hmmm. I’m beginning to see what you mean. Gabriel’s ‘lily’ is orthodox. Raphael’s ‘vial’ presumably holds eye ‘salve’ for Tobit, the fish by this stage is purely symbolic, but what of Michael’s golden apple?”

“I was hoping you might be able to throw some light on that?”

“Light from the Garden of the Hesperides, perhaps?”

“Which is guarded by a dragon.”

“A hundred headed dragon.”

“And they call this tradition Neo-Platonic?”

“Not hard to see why, but Ninevah and large ‘fish’, too, appear to be related?”

“That’s what we originally got excited about. We were following the Johannine link, Jonah swallowed by the ‘Whale of God’ et al.”

“‘Make straight the way of the Lord’, pretty much proven, now, wouldn’t you say?”

“We would.”

“And Toby?”

“Has to do with threes, and is the right provenance and time and tradition for the link with the puppet play to be sustained. You were quite right about the word play on that one, all those years ago.”

“‘To be’?…”

“Quite. Threes’ certainly play their part. Not least in Tobit’s age when he dies, but I’m not altogether sure whether a fish actually posseses the attributed organs, which in itself maybe suggestive, but if Sara ‘gets’ the ‘heart’ and Tobit gets the ‘gall’, who gets the ‘liver’?”

“The dog!”


Whether or not ‘Toby’ gets the liver, he always gets the sausages…