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Various stories relating a catastrophic flood are told by classical authors.

These flood stories may derive from a single Mesopotamian original used in travellers tales for over two thousand years along the great caravan routes of Western Asia.

In the ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’ the ‘flood story’ is used to mark the time in ancient history after which it was no longer possible for a mortal to gain immortality.

The various derivations of the flood hero’s name, or epithets, attest to this transition… ‘Super-Wise’, ‘He Found Life’, ‘The Far-Distant’, ‘The Green One’.

The flood is also important in wider Mesopotamian tradition as it marks the end of the period when the ‘Seven Sages’ lived on earth and brought to mankind the arts of civilisation…


East of Eden: A Guide to Angels, from the OGOM Blog


They have fascinated, instilled awe, affection and fear within us for millennia.  Whether unfallen or fallen, they still exert a powerful hold on our imaginations. These beings aren’t always what we perceive them to be, therein lies a warning…

Who and What are Angels? Angels are referred to in Hebrew as mal’ach, in Greek as aggelos, both meaning ‘messenger’. Seraphim, Cherubim and ‘watchers’ also denote angels. Almost every culture has a sense of a densely populated spiritual world which acts as an intermediary between the creator and humankind, but it is in the traditions…

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