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New Europeans…


The desire for Truth.

That ‘temptress to risk’.

The veracity which all ‘lovers of wisdom’ revere.

What questions this desire calls forth!

What weird and wicked queries!

Such an enterprise already has history but feels like it began yesterday.

Before we lost patience and turned our back to the Chimera of Enquiry we stumbled upon an ‘angle’…

Who really stands before us and asks?

Who wants to know?

Over this hurdle we toiled, to climb, and at its summit we saw before us yet another more basic obstacle…

What value has such desire?

Would not a lie suffice just as well?

We held up a mirror to the face our our Chimera and suddenly we knew neither querent nor savant.

It is this stand-offish Truth, which plays, now, like a frown, over the brows of our New Europe.

Should we hazard to smooth that brow for her?



Can You Come and Have a Look at This?

Walking with a Smacked Pentax

My son-in-law to be is the gamekeeper of Asquith and some surrounding moors. He recently told me that the local farmer had spotted some idiots driving around the moors in 4 X 4 off road vehicles. Unfortunately they were driving over a large unexcavated Bronze Age site – Snowden Carr.

Anyway, I informed the regional archaeologists, and suggest they may like to come and have a look – this site is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and to damage it can bring heavy penalties. I told them I knew the site well and would be going up there myself to see if I could see any damage, but I don’t have a trained eye as I am a photographer and not an archaeologist.

So they asked me if I would send them some photos of the site, before and after the 4 X 4’s had done their work (I have no…

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