Bestial View…


Can a thing originate in its opposite?

The desire for Truth, in the desire to deceive?

Can we posit a selfless, self interest?

Is the star-struck, Mage, mired in mud?


Such ludicrous speculations!

Our highest ideals must have a pure origin.

The Womb of Being is responsible.

The God-Head itself!


So insist our, ‘lovers of wisdom’.

And thus proclaim their ‘faith’ misguided by polarity,

bamboozled by process, cyclically confused.

These purveyors of pendulous truths doubt not their backward facing priorities.


Should we but peer into the pot,

we might conceive a more honest approach.

A beast’s eye-view, as if beasts

had never evolved wings and flown, as birds.


It may be that the value of the ‘high’ resides,

in being inextricably linked with the ‘low’.

It may be that, to all intents and purposes,

they are both identical.


Who concerns themselves with such possibilities?

We await the new, lovers of wisdom.

There, appearing, on the horizon,

One such, approaches!


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