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In Mesopotamian mythology a Mother Goddess, with the assistance of a God of Wisdom, created men out of clay, mixed with the blood of a slain God.

The Primeval male and female human beings were not allotted a life-span.

People originally only died as the result of natural disasters such as plague, famine or flood, or by internecine strife.

The Epic of Gilgamesh culminated with the introduction of a limited life-span for Mankind.

Man’s original purpose in being was to relieve the Gods and Goddesses of hard labour.

Gods and Goddesses associated with birth and fertility were also patrons of mining, smelting, and metal work.


 Song of Infinity


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This post has taken me a long time to bring into manifestation, I seemed to face a block at every turn. Thankfully it’s taken form now due to the kindness of a certain Green Man.  One wonders what he’s bringing to my attention, perhaps my Companions in the Silent Eye may have ideas regarding this???

“Bend” the wind says, and he acquiesces, sways to a tune unheard by human ears. The Green Man watches, silent as the sound of stars weeping. The Earth wakes and slumbers, singing her children into being. How old is this song? For we have no memory of it. For we have forgotten it, buried it beneath the dry leaves of autumn and cold kiss of winter.

Green Man, Green Man, tell us of its ancestry. Our memories hold its essence, shroud it in mystery. Where are the Faerie Folk to instruct us in the Old…

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Deep and Personal

The Silent Eye

Deep and Personal - 1

“At what point should we expect the contact with the universe to become deep and personal?

The red-haired man in the corner had asked the question. He always sat in the corner of the room at the talks and always asked a stupid question.  I could feel my lips curl… As a field officer in this particular mystical organisation, I had the notional responsibility for making sure such events went smoothly; and that such dumb questions were kept to a minimum.

I half turned from my reserved seat at the front and shot him a look – the kind of look that  said, listen, fella, you should know better…

He always sat in the rear left corner, always asked the kind of question to which you could not supply a clear-cut answer. Deep and personal! Who did he think he was, a guru or something?

Of such occasions is…

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