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Kingship was the only form of government in Ancient Mesopotamia.

It was ordained by the Gods for the guidance and prosperity of people and cities, to maintain order and to protect the wealth in society.

Among the kingly duties were military leadership, priestly functions, law-giving and city building.

When kingship broke down so did law and order, with terrible consequences.


A visit to my mother

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

I am not all right. Not at present. I feel as if I have something stuck in my throat and am extremely anxious. No longer sure whether the choking sensation, and acid reflux, represent a disease in themselves or whether it is recent events in my life that are kick-starting the dread cycle of physical sensations produced by Fight or Flight.

2018 has not started well. I’ll be honest about that. I know all the guff about fresh starts and renewed optimism and always looking on the bright side and the wisdom of the aged woman – but, frankly, I am me, not a performing Crone, and can only write about what is actually true for me. Pointless to reflect upon life from the perspective of what, according to some, should be the mind of a woman of my age.

My digestive system has been very easily skewed by…

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