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How naive are our, ‘lovers of wisdom’?

How furtively they err, like children

who put on the garb of their Elders.

Their heart’s desire made manifest by abstract dialectic.

Their ‘inspirations’, a prejudice, after the event.


Still, like children, such advocates for Truth

deny their own advocacy once the ruse is discovered.


We, who are fastidious, can observe the unsubtle play

of the Old Preachers, now painted and patched…

Though we may wonder at their lack of courage,

and the hocus-pocus of their gaudy art.


Year on year, the masquerade, increases in volubility.



How Can I Serve?

Not Tomatoes

yoga woman Image Credit: Pixabay

Learning to step aside and allow the unfolding of the self is, I have learned, a multilayered process. There is a shedding of the old in all of its preconditioning through past events held largely in the grasp of Fear and the many cloaks it wears. It’s almost funny in its irony. Holding onto the guise of protection only serves to limit the energy of the true self. Who, or what, then are we protecting?

When I started asking the question “How can I serve?” I found I needed to let go of the preconditioned self. And, I also needed to let go of the envisioned path. When I added the words, “Show me the way,” there came with it a relinquishing of conditions. I have found, although others may disagree, that The Secret to life is not to hold a vision so firmly in one’s mind…

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