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Deluge! II…

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… Wen and I are still in the British Museum mulling over one of the information boards…

“We don’t normally hold with ‘establishment views’ but this one’s not bad.”

“There seems to be a conflation of ‘Sages’ with ‘Gods’.”

“That there are seven should, perhaps, be ringing some bells.”

“The planets?”

“Planetary Beings.”

“‘Lived on earth’ probably needs ‘fleshing out’ then.”

“‘Moved amongst men’.”

“Is possibly even more confusing.”

“You’re probably right, but it is clear from the cylinder seals, that there was communication of some form.”

“Science has a lot to answer for in that respect.”

“Not least the word-salad of ‘creation’.”





A garden ever green – A visit to Haddon Hall

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Parts I, II , III  and IV of this visit can be found by clicking the links.

We left the house through a door between the Long Gallery and the anteroom of the State Bedchamber. The Gallery looks out over the gardens and across them to the Derbyshire hills, but it was not until we climbed the time-worn steps to the uppermost terrace that we would see the full splendour of the setting of Haddon Hall.

The house overlooks the valley of the River Wye as it meanders through the green hills, extending the vista far beyond the boundaries of the Hall and its grounds. The restoration of the gardens is a work in progress. Like that of the Hall itself, it was begun in the 1920s by John Manners, the 9th Duke of Rutland, who understood the importance of this unique survivor of centuries past.

It was the…

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