Up, Up and Away…


The cunning of Modern Europe in regard to appearance and reality is more than enough to raise an eye-brow, or two…

But which of our well paid savants will choose a fistful of certitude over a lorry-load of delectable possibilities?

When our most vigorous thinkers disdain the body and consider other perspectives instead, are they looking for something of a more fundamental substance?

Do they cast about in search of their ‘immortal soul’ or is it the pantheons of Ancient Godhead which call them?

Either way, these are both ideas which will grant them a much more joyful approach to living.

This mistrust of all that has been built is everywhere, palpable; as if the motley of the modern mind were at fault, rather than its inauthentic outlook.

We do not envy anyone their ‘backwardness’, yet we admire the instinct to flee, which propels it, wishing those who indulge it the courage to soar, not behind but, up… and into… the beyond.

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