Shadow and Light: The Vampire’s Doom


black-swan-2103586_1920 Image: AKuptsova,

I dream into being strings of pearls to grace the throats of ethereal dreams,

Visions gliding silently across mirrors, reflections of things peering from the depths.

The passage of time uncovers memories buried, things yearning to see light, to be themselves as they were first created.

They live in the realm of Shadow and Light, being reflections of balance and chaos, of Yin and Yang.

These are the words written in her journal, the spidery handwriting touching the paper lightly in places and etched deeply in others. Her presence in the rambling mansion on the edge of the unknown territories was for a purpose, to release her sleeping lover. Release not from sleep but from life itself, he was something that haunted the edge of nightmares and yearning. Forbidden knowledge was his domain, and the power to erase one’s humanity.

She’d hunted him for years, practising deception and…

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