Is modern Psychology anchored in prejudice?

Does genuine enquiry inevitably struggle with subliminal obstacles?

If the very idea of a mutually dependant ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is met with revulsion, how much more nausea can be expected from the suggestion to derive ‘good’ impulses from ‘bad’ ones?

And if our investigator goes still further and regards, envy, pride, covetousness and lust et al., as emotions which are essential to the experience of life, so that in their heightening, life too can be heightened, do our ship-mates throw up on deck en masse?

There are, after all, far stranger philosophies abroad…

Should your own vessel be blown into these storm-tossed seas, hold on tight to the rails, we sail through previously unavigable waters, and those who bring along with them an Old Self, to transcend, will perchance be entitled to request in return that Psychology should once again be hailed, ‘The Mistress of New Territories!’



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