A snowy weekend…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

It was touch and go as to whether I would make it north this month, what with the lingering effects of this damnable ‘flu. Then the weather forecast was dodgy. But, in spite of freak sleet storms and icy roads, make it I did… only to find that we could not cross the hills for the projected meeting because of the snow.

There had been little sign of snow until I passed Arbor Low… just a few miles from my destination… and then there was no more than the lightest powdering on the highest hills. By next morning, however, the pass we take to the meeting was closed and the snow in the high places was deep.

We tried rearranging the meeting place… but our friends could no more get to us than we to them. The higher we went in the Derbyshire hills, the worse the snow became. By…

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