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Riddles in the church too…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

A little while ago, we visited Great Longstone church, but it was early on a Monday morning and the doors were closed. Even so, it had not been a wasted trip and we had found enough intriguing riddles in the churchyard to make us return later that day, after our visit to Haddon Hall.

We knew the church was plenty old enough to be part of the greater riddle in which we had become embroiled… and within walking distance of both Bakewell and Haddon Hall. We barely got through the now-open door before the signs and symbols hit us. The font is the first thing you see, and while the carved base shows biblical scenes… and in particular, John the Baptist, who holds a particular significance for the Templars.

The font is octagonal too… which, after the whole Bakewell thing, was significant. The biblical scenes around the edge, which…

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