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Swift as the Wind…



A fast flowing river tarrys for no man.

Not least, when he moves at snails pace.

Nor even, if he indulges a little leap-frog!


It is almost impossible to translate tempo from one system to another.

It acts like a signature, this metabolism of each seed-race.

If British, one longs for French panache.

If German, for Italian gusto!


Oh, for the feet of Zephyr!

That we could gallop on the breeze,

and out-run all that is ponderous and antique.

That fustiness of thought which clings,

like old cobwebs in every nook,

and cranny of our mind.


We anticipate…



Under the altar…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I am not even sure how we saw them hidden there in the shadows beneath the altar. I do know we would never have seen them had we not been looking at the unusual cross-fleury on the floor. The mosaic had already intrigued us with its scattering of roses and fleur de lys, before we realised that the altar table had been moved from its original position against the east wall of the church. It now stood a few feet away from the wall, effectively hiding the vine-wreathed cross.

Now, we may have been known to lift the skirts of the altar from time to time, but we draw the line at moving the altars themselves, just to get a better shot. So we did the best we could… and it was then that we saw the stones.

I have no idea who they belong to…apart from the church…

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