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Fools Gold…


Should our loftiest ideals sound like folly?

It is not a question of inner and outer perspectives

but, rather, of an above and below.

Even the basest tragedy might appear rapturous

to that sublimest soul, free to soar on the aether…

One man’s food, after all, is another’s poison.

And one’s take depends upon one’s temper.

The purest air is reserved for the heights…

It can make us giddy.

Shaping the world

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

fox 001

Back in the earliest days when mankind had his beginnings, it was the land and our response to it that had shaped us. It has been suggested that it was the long grass that caused us first to stand on two legs… a need to spot potential predators at a distance. As animals our physical defences are minimal. It is our intellect, adaptability and ability to use what comes to hand to serve our needs that allowed us to thrive. It was the land, the environment and climate that offered the raw materials to the responsive hunter, moving with the game and the seasons and which later planted the first seeds of agriculture from which our modern societies have sprung.

We are not very old as a species. It is thought that the earliest homo sapiens dates back a mere 200,000 years. On a planet that is 4.6 billion years…

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