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Nuances of living…


Even the ‘nays’ and ‘ayes’ of youth have their revenge.


The intoxication of our early-life responses eventually gives way,

turns in on itself and introduces us

to the consequence of blind enthusiasm.


Having thus acquired deliberation…

And no longer rash…

We learn, instead, to side against our own youth with the self-same fervour.


Ten years on…

We see that this, too, was naive.

Castles of the Mind

The Silent Eye

Bamburgh Castle smaller

Do we have ‘castles of the mind’?

Traditionally, ancient castles were built where there was trouble… Do we have the equivalent in our minds and emotions? Have we, over the course of our lives, built up strong fortifications with which to repel those intrusions which, as children, we considered frightening?

The foundations for such things can begin very early, and be formed of some very primitive fears and, even, strong dislikes. That dark green colour of the man in the long raincoat who collected money and caused mother great distress. The child would see the pain of a caring parent whose finances were stretched to the limit; the deeper truth that it was a door-to-door insurance man, making his Friday call in time to tap into the new pay packet would not be seen until later in life… but the coloured raincoat would be remembered…

We smile at such memories…

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