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It is in the nature of things to deceive.

So, if we take ‘space’, ‘time’, ‘form’ and ‘motion’ to be deceptions…

Would it not be justifiable to mistrust our ‘thinking’ also?

‘What innocence!’

‘What daring!’

To expect consciousness to be honest about the outside world.

Should we not screw up our faces with suspicion

at every judgement proclaimed from this, ‘Court of the Apparent’?

This, ‘Court of the Apparition’?

Ah, but what shades of light and dark co-exist betwixt these two!


Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

image: pixabay

The ruler slapped down on the desk, narrowly missing my knuckles and dissolving the magic.
“Daydreaming again? You will pay attention in my class, young lady!” The French mistress, determinedly optimistic to the last, turned her back and returned to the blackboard. Oddly enough, French was always one of my favourite subjects and one at which I did best… in spite of the daydreaming.

It was not the anxious, fretting kind of daydream, not was it just wandering attention. It was like stepping into a wardrobe and coming out the other side into a magical land where anything was possible.

I could daydream my way through most things and still take in, process and apply the information, and was always in the higher sets. I was lucky… back then, I only got into trouble for daydreaming. A few years later and I would probably have been sent to…

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