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Why Atheism?…


The ‘God Father’ is exposed.

He hears not.


Could he hear

He would

Know not

What to do…


He appears


of making himself



No one dreams

His dreams anymore…


The Bastions

Of European God-Head

Are in disarray…


Though, everywhere, the religious instinct

Sprouts and grows, vigorously…

It treats Theism

With profound distrust.


Pancake Ridge

Walking with a Smacked Pentax

The Pancake Stone lies on the edge of Ilkley moor, in Yorkshire. Visible from some distance, and covered in ‘cup stones‘, it is a large slab balanced on top of another large rock (similar to a pancake in a large pan), and is at the side of an ancient trackway, ‘Pancake Ridge’, along the side of the moors.

There is a lovely walk along the Ridge, with superb views over the Wharfe valley. This morning saw lots of mist in the distance, and the market town of Otley, 5 miles distant, was almost totally obscured, with just the peak of the 900 ft. Chevin poking through.

There are several prehistoric cairns, enclosures and rock art on the Ridge, and this morning I had a few hours pleasure exploring them, and seeking out new ones (I didn’t find any). I followed the Ridge for a few miles East towards…

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