Why Atheism?…


The ‘God Father’ is exposed.

He hears not.


Could he hear

He would

Know not

What to do…


He appears


of making himself



No one dreams

His dreams anymore…


The Bastions

Of European God-Head

Are in disarray…


Though, everywhere, the religious instinct

Sprouts and grows, vigorously…

It treats Theism

With profound distrust.


3 thoughts on “Why Atheism?…

  1. When I was involved with one philosophy, studying it, I remember everyone being so concerned with labeling themselves Atheists. But the interesting thing is that Atheism is simply another belief, and it is one that cannot be proven one way or the other. I suspect a lot of people are fed up with churchianity, which is often judgmental to its attendees, or it is all about raising money for this new building project or that, or we are being told that everything we do or don’t do the way it is presented to us by those who do the sermons, etc. I know that my a man I know was ousted from a local church because he was black and his lady friend at the time was white, and also because they were not married. They were actually told that they were not welcome in the church.

    I do believe in spirituality, and I also believe that we do not have to enter a church to gain that quality in our lives. I will say that there was one church in England that one of you wrote about, and it showed signs of having been (and perhaps still was) a very humanistic and spiritual church. I think there are good things in a lot of different spiritual beliefs and practices, and there are also things that are not good, just as it is in all life.

    We just have to be guided by that inner voice inside, regardless of what spiritual direction we might choose. We are all different, and we all have different needs from spirituality. I am not sure a single spiritual belief can respond to all our needs and still allow us to use our own minds to determine what we will believe or not. But then I am just a beginner in my studies, so I am open to a lot of mind changes over time. I just don’t think I will EVER go back to churchianity in my life.

    Thank you for these great posts, and I am trying to read each one that is with the one that is being e-mailed (I see several others that seem related below the one being sent).

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