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Of Sophists and Soporifics…


With the advent of the Peripatetic Philosophers and their schools,

where students could learn to aspire,

to all that is good in life,

and the roaring success of these ventures,

came, inevitably, another sort of instruction,

one based solely on false promises,

and flattery,

and mutual ‘appreciation’,

and favour.

In short, on rhetoric, or hot air…

very expensive hot air.


First, one yawns…

Then, one becomes drowsy…

And finally, one falls asleep.

Hypnotised chickens…

The Silent Eye

Nick's chick

Quite why I have to be up at ridiculous o’clock, I don’t know. Well, I probably do, but even for me it is a bit early in the day to start calling myself an idiot. I wouldn’t mind if I’d managed to get to bed before half past midnight, but after tossing and turning for a while, waking from a particularly unpleasant dream, I gave in and got up. Sleep was not happening.

The lurid and improbable story of the dream still lingers around the fringes of my mind in the same way as the events from whence it sprang hover at the edge of memory. It is not a time that I particularly wish to remember, nor indeed something I feel a need to forget. It was simply part of life, and therefore part of the inevitable learning curve of growing into today. I say inevitable, because in some…

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