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Endless Round…


To gaze with eastern eyes

Into the abyss of pessimism

Is to emerge

On the other side of life

And to wander for a time, agape,

In the antipodes…


Here, we take in anathema

As though it were nectar

Or some other more exotic god-food.


This new lust for life leads to…

An insatiability for all that was, and is, and will be…

To the extent that no other outcome of events is conceivable or desirable.


In fact, it leads…

to an Endless Round.

Dwellers in Towers

The Silent Eye

Minds in Towers2 - 2

A recent trip to the beautiful Northumbrian coast threw up a chance visit to Preston Tower, one of a type known as a ‘Pele Tower’ – a fortified place of refuge for well-to-do families, built during the times of the ‘Border Reivers’ – armed family gangs who took the law into their own hands in these often un-policed borderlands between England and Scotland.

In the famous Pevsner’s Guides to the architecture of the UK, the Northumberland guide describes this type of building:

“In the 14th Century Northumberland was almost permanently in a state of warfare, and in the 15th and 16th centuries the county was still so sorely harassed by armies, gangs and thieves that a tower house was the only possible insurance a man of sufficient property could take out.”

Minds in Towers2 - 19 In the entrance room is a model of how Preston Tower would have looked in the 14th century. Only…

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