Enduring Crows

Sun in Gemini

Crows in winter tree finalAA

At Winter’s end

In lows of March

A friend said: watch the crows

It’s fanciful, he said

But wise, and came from one who knows.


Far below the nest

that swayed, I wandered

With streaming eyes to field beyond

Where two dark shapes

Carved the air on frozen pond.


Mere hair’s width from the icy death

A swooping, chasing joy

A courtship rash and bold their only care

Pulled upwards to the virgin moon

In winds that to a human bring despair


The tears within my eyes

Bled no emotion, save of chill

The precision of their love against the icy sky

A perfect union in pursuit of which

I find my head and heart of words run dry


Later, as the darkness

Gathered frozen black in Winter’s arms

I watched the rocking of the nests that must

In our tall trees

And relearned all I…

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