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White-Skunk and Bald-Eagle…


In the beginning, Skunk and Eagle shared a dwelling.

Eagle hunted for food and Skunk prepared it to eat.

“Never approach my bed when I am out hunting,” said Eagle, “you will cause it to reek with your stench.”

“Of course not, Brother,” said Skunk, “Why would I trespass?” and he went on his way, walking and breaking wind…


Five Plover sisters lived close by.

One day they decided to go and live in marriage with Eagle.

That same day five Frog sisters decided to do likewise with Skunk.

All ten of them turned up together.

Skunk was home alone as Eagle was out hunting.

The Plover sisters went to Eagle’s bed, the Frog sisters to Skunk’s.

Skunk decided he preferred the look of the Plovers so he ushered the Frogs from his bed to Eagle’s and he ushered the Plovers from Eagle’s bed to his and hid them under his pillow.

The Frog sisters slunk under Eagle’s pillow.

As night fell, Eagle returned from his hunt.

“What’s all this,” said Eagle tasting the air, “for what reason have you been across to my bed, Skunk?”

“Oh, Brother,” said Skunk, “today my fire got too big and spread itself towards your bed, so I ran over and put it out.”

“Is that so?” said Eagle sitting down to supper.

Throughout their meal Skunk kept casting sly glances at his pillow where the Plover sisters lay well hidden…

To be continued