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White-Skunk and Bald-Eagle III…


… When Eagle returned from the hunt he said to Skunk, “tomorrow you will come with me when I go hunting.”

“But, Brother, I am no hunter,” protested Skunk.

“Nevertheless, you will pick up a deer I brought down today, while I go on,” said Eagle.

Skunk worried all night about what Eagle had in store for him on the morrow and when that morrow came, Eagle was up early, hurrying Skunk to make ready for the hunt.

“Did you think that I would bring food to you indefinitely without asking for some kind of return?”

So Eagle and Skunk set out together.

Skunk complained bitterly the whole time and fretted about the length of their sojourn even though they had not gone far at all.

At last they arrived at Eagle’s kill and Skunk immediately set about packing up the meat in order to take it home.

Eagle went on, taking a circuitous route home while Skunk finished up his packing.

Although Eagle was moving quickly, every so often, he stopped to slash the ground with his wings and so form deep valleys, with high cliffs alongside.

Thus, he went along cutting deep gorges on all sides.

When Skunk finished packing up the kill and started out for home he came upon the valleys and yawning chasms that Eagle had made with his wings.

“So, Eagle has somehow found out about my wives,” he thought, “I wonder what will happen when I eventually reach our lodge.” …

to be continued


Five Days with Gaia​ in Bermuda

Not Tomatoes

Gayatri: The feminine form of the divine, and therefore one may extrapolate that Gaia, or Mother Earth, is an aspect of her. (Note some associate the Gayatri mantra with the solar god, Savitr, as I mentioned in a previous post. As I work further with this mantra, I find myself returning to what I felt years ago when I first heard it, that it is an awakening to the divine feminine energy that resides in all of us. An energy that balances the fiery sun). 

I wore her turquoise in the form of a teardrop in the well of my throat each day. The chip of stone the same shade of blue as her waters, which turned from tranquil to a fierce sea that I knew could pull me back to her womb in an instant. On the tiny sliver of an island called Bermuda, I was acutely aware of…

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