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White-Skunk and Bald-Eagle IV…


…Eagle arrived back at the lodge before Skunk.

He seized the Plover sisters and trampled on their bellies until little skunks lay scattered all about on the ground.

Then Eagle gathered up his belongings and left the lodge, taking the Plover sisters with him.

He hauled his things up to a cliff that was so precipitous no one would ever reach him.

Everybody recognised and respected Skunk’s power.

Eagle knew that Skunk would search for him in order to discharge his musk.


Skunk, eventually, reached home.

He saw his baby skunks lying about.

He noticed that all Eagle’s possessions and his wives were missing.

He sat down on the ground and wept.

“If I ever see Eagle again, I will squirt musk on him,” vowed Skunk.

For a long time Skunk was remorseful.

He would go about, day after day, always looking for Eagle.

But he never found any tracks because Eagle had flown to his new home.

Nevertheless, Skunk remained constantly vigilant and was always on the lookout for Eagle and the Plover sisters.

One day, during his wanderings, Skunk saw a river nearby and he went down to the waterside to have a drink.

He leaned forward to take a drink of water and saw something.

Eagle and the five Plover sisters were there in the water.

They were all laughing at him.

“So this is where Eagle brought them,” thought Skunk, “now I shall have my revenge.” …

to be continued