Spring’s Silent Song

Sun in Gemini

Spring's Silent Song

Is it perhaps in fingertips

Where poised and ready reflex sits

Sharpened, flexed and keen

Framing March’s calling turn

As brightness fills the sky

Or feet that on an older ground

Had slithered, moaned and grumbled loud

Now, with bouncing spring and tread

A lighter step as though ahead

A different path awaits

Perhaps the seeds delight and stir

Where winter’s less than obvious care

Has left in frozen, fractured earth

A memory of delight to birth

Awakening to the dawn

Or there’s a switch within the head

That says: awake, arise from dead

And live, again, O mortal man

And staggering through the end of dark

Be greeted by the Sun.

And somewhere, does a distant bell

Whose song’s a clear and keening knell

All life awaken – hear it well, rejoicing

That on your opened ears it gently fell

While there are those…

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