Monthly Archives: April 2018

For Pity’s sake…



Psycho-Phil, our intrepid studier of souls,

picks up his ear trumpet

and heads for the pulpits of Europe…


What noise assails his timpanum!


In amongst the hoarse braying his well trained ear

picks out a genuine note:

it is one of self-contempt…


The process that sullied and besmirched our Nation-States

has led to a profound dissatisfaction in the man of modern ideas.


Our ‘strutting ape’ now suffers.

He would not suffer alone…


Grain of truth?…


“It is possible to honour and respect an unselfish man.

Not for his unselfishness

but because he posseses the right

to be useful to another man at his own cost.”


“This man, and the other, who are they?”


Self abnegation in one given to lead

would be no virtue, quite the opposite.


What is good for one,

is not necessarily good for another.


Still Life in Jacksonville…


The historical sense to which our New Europeans lay claim with such gusto

is derived from a centuries long mingling of classes and races.


Thanks to this mingling, the past of every form and mode of life

now streams unchecked into modern souls…


Our instincts run back in all directions simultaneously,

so that, we have ourselves become a sort of living chaos.


The spirit, again, immediately perceives an advantage to this cultural dilettantism.


Our pallettes can quite easily accommodate both Homer and Shakespeare

in equal measure and yet still revel in the clashing colours

such a combination inevitably produces.

Last Laugh…


The New European,

in need of a costume

rifles through the storehouse of history

but finds none that quite fit…


We may consider the twenty-first century (common age)

with regard to these wayward

predilections of style…


In vain, we parade ourselves as Romantic,

or Baroque, or…

But, alas, nothing now suits us.


The spirit, being spirit,

spies an advantage in this,

our despair.


We are a fledgling age of Carnival,

in our ill-fitting garb

we make ready to take to the World Stage…


As Buffoons of God!