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A Horse Called Hazard…


As scions of historicity we have our virtues.

We are selfless, brave, modest, self-restrained, devoted and patient.

Our sense of ‘taste’, though, may be distorted.

That which is complete and mature in every culture…

That which is noble in works and men might still be beyond us.

Can we glide with our cultural heroes over halcyon seas?

Do our eyes respond in kind to that glint of cold perfection

which gleams out from the golden shore?

Are we not halted in our tracks by those traces of the miraculous

that occasionally greet us from our hidden depths?


Ultimately, it is measure that defeats us.

Our yearning is for the infinite.

The immeasurable…


Like the rider on a spooked steed

we let go of our grasp on the reins

when faced with the infinite.


Our state of bliss

now resides in hazard.


Seeds of Change

The Silent Eye

‘Dr Dee’, ‘Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I’, ‘Sir Walter Raleigh’ and ‘Master Shakespeare’

Time does strange things. It is just a week since our workshop and already it feels as if it is receding into the mists, and yet, it is also as clear and sharp as if we were about to enter the temple space for another act. In many ways, that last is the truest perception, for, even though we draw our inspiration from tales of bygone eras, any seeds we sow within the ritual drama of the weekend are designed to grow slowly within us and be taken out into the world.

Such seeds are not ours alone. We may plant ideas and nurture thought, but it is in the fertile soil of love and friendship, and the shared experience of working together with a common intent, that such things blossom. Even so, it is only when…

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The Hieroglyphic Monad of John Dee – by The Patrician Lady

The Silent Eye

The Hieroglyphic Monad of John Dee 

By The Patrician Lady

A talk given to The Silent Eye’s ‘Jewel in the Claw’ workshop on 21st April 2018

In my talk today I’m going to tell you a little about Dr. John Dee, one of the characters you have met in the drama, and something of his famous symbol the Hieroglyphic Monad or Monas Hieroglyphica. Most people, myself included, know or knew very little about this symbol so I decided to research it. As with all research I started by reading as much about it as I could find. This led me to articles and papers and it grew and grew and grew and I realised that this symbol incorporated the whole of creation and its processes; hence its name – the symbol of One-ness, Monas Hieroglyphica. Today I’m going to try and tell you something of what it means…

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All modes of thought which attribute value

according to pleasure and pain

reveal themselves as shallow.


That we should aim at well being as a state

rather than as an end seems preposterous in the extreme.


History itself might indicate a different course

given its insistence on having raised us

to our heights through the great suffering of tumultuous events.


To pit… pity for the creature

against the pity of a creator

is not a teaching for the faint hearted…


But then, pleasure, pain and pity…

There are much deeper things at stake.

Shakespeare A-Go-Go…

The Silent Eye


‘A change is as good as a rest’.

Proverbial wisdom or reckless folly?

For five years the Silent Eye Team has explored the spiritual legacy of the ages via a nine-fold map and our beloved Enneagram Mat…

This year, for our sixth Spring Gathering, things were going to be different.

Gone was the mat.

Our comfort and our staff.

In its place, in all its chequered glory lay a ‘Bloody Great Chess-board!’

Nightmare scenarios of a ‘McGoohan-ish’ nature crept from the shadows.

Mystery and menace appeared to lurk in unfathomably regular alternations of the black and the white.

Unfazed, the cast our production had called forth from across the globe set about the task of negotiationg both mystery and menace with their customary gusto and aplomb…

A robust Countess Libido saved our dying hero from his untimely end on the promise of a previously unwritten ‘masterpiece’ relating Queen Elizabeth…

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Public Interest…


The common man.

The scholar.

The philosopher.

What moves them?


As a rule we find that whatever it is

it is not that which moves the ‘higher type’,

whose words and actions elicit only a mild curiosity

or amazement and are easily and quite readily dismissed.


There have been thinkers capable of lending this public bewilderment

a seductive and somewhat mystical other-worldly expression without

 thereby stating the bald truth of its relevence and pertinence, nay necessity!


In particular, self-less acts of love

are profoundly misrepresented and misunderstood.


Whoever really sacrifices,

sacrifices something of themselves

in order to receive something more of themself.

Shades of the Golden Age…

The Silent Eye

As a child, I loved the old movies of the swashbuckling variety. Even then, I knew the stories were not real and the history likely to be wildly innaccurate. Romance and adventure did not wait behind every tree. Magic, though, had its own reality.

With a family who told me a closer-to-true version of the histories portrayed on the screen, I learned early the difference between fantasy, fact and fiction. What was produced for entertainment was never supposed to be a history lesson. I learned not to believe in what I saw… except for the duration of the film, when I could lose myself in make-believe.

The over-the-top acting, the swordplay and implausible heroics delighted me, and that has never really changed as I have grown older. A more mature eye sees the flaws with clarity, but I can still choose to ignore them and daydream about flashing steel, wild…

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Lady in Red – Alienora Browning

The Silent Eye

Reblogged from Alienora’s Anthology… Ali’s account of a challenging role:

Paired, I was, with my friend, Dean. He was playing Mortido, the force of death and change, to my Libido (love, life and sexual desire) in the recent Silent Eye, Jewel in the Claw weekend.

We work well together, Dean and I, always have: Friends for nigh on forty years (and that’s just in this incarnation), we move and speak instinctively in tune, time and cadence.

But, oh Goddess, it was hard. This has been one of the most challenging roles ever undertaken, and I am feeling horribly tired and down in spirits in the aftermath.

Carrying life, death, love, change and desire for an entire Elizabethan Court (and a rigid, chess-board-controlled one at that) was exhausting. The energy used during five connected ritual dramas is akin to five consecutive performances with Shadow of the Torthe Glastonbury-based Production…

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Jewels in the Claw (1)

The Silent Eye

SE18 TempleMasterGeneric

There is a moment when he stops, puts down his packing box, and looks at what remains of the Court Floor. It is the last vestige of a creative journey of twelve months, of twenty souls intent on giving their all to the rather unusual script, and of a Spring weekend at the Nightingale Centre in the lovely Derbyshire hills…

Do things that have been created in the heart and mind cease to exist when they are played out in the time-honoured fashion of the mystical psycho-drama and pass from potential to actual to gone? There must be a difference between a thing – in this case a mystical play – created and performed to full effect, and a thing thought about in detail but not put into practice. The latter never makes it beyond the mind of the originator; the former becomes ‘actualised’ as a blueprint for the…

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