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Consolations of a Sceptic…


“What do I know?”

“I know that I know nothing.”

“In this situation, I do not trust myself.”

“No door stands open for me, and if it did why go straight in?”

“Why make hasty hypotheses when no hypothesis at all may display better taste?”

“Does that which is crooked need straightening?”

“Does time not possess all the time it needs?”

“Learn to appreciate the charms of uncertainty.”

“The Sphinx was a lover of wisdom.”





A drop in the ocean

The Silent Eye

With the April workshop looming close, Stuart and I needed a break from work and headed off for the afternoon. We wanted to pay our respects to one of the influences behind the weekend, so we took advantage of a rare break in the weather. It has rained a lot lately; many of the fields we passed were flooded and the river at our destination had overflowed, drowning the riverside pathways and marooning benches that would normally be filled with people.

We’re pretty lucky my local area… there are no rivers, just the springs and streams that arise in the chalk and meander through the Vale and we are far from the sea. Most of the time that seems a pity, as I love moving water and miss the waterfalls and waves, but with the recent persistent rain I can only be grateful.

Our little river is usually no more…

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