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‘To Be’?…


The Moon dies and rises to life again.

Moon said to Hare, “Go to Men and tell them,

‘like as the Moon dies and again rises to life,

so will you also.'”

Hare went to Men and said, “Like as I die

but do not rise again to life, so also with you.”

When Hare returned to Moon,

Moon asked him what he had said to Men.

Hare told Moon what he had told Men.

“What have you done,” cried Moon.

Moon took a stick and hit Hare in the mouth with it,

cleaving Hare’s lip.

Hare fled, and is fleeing still…


Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The pearl lace gouramis seem to think spring is in the air. While the female is looking fatter than usual, the male’s chest is brilliant orange and he keeps blowing bubbles. Gouramis build bubble nests on the surface of the aquarium, but, what the water movement in the tank, such a nest is unlikely to survive. He needs something to protect the fragile construction, and the best thing I could thing of would be a plant…something close to nature. So, off I went to the local aquarium place. Floating plants never survive in this tank, but I had seen some green and growing things attached to bits of coconut shell and sporting suction cups. I could grow one just below the waterline. The fronds would make a perfect protection for the bubble nest, should the fish actually decide to spawn, and would offer some hope of survival to the babies…

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