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So there were these crocuses….


One morning last week, I was taking a walk round our little park in order to air my brain – I’d been writing intensely for well over two hours and was feeling a need to reconnect with the real world – when, right by one of the exit gates, I came upon a pair of newly-opened purple and white crocuses. (‘Croci’, if you prefer). They were typically beautiful, standing there, looking around in the low sunshine. But what struck me particularly about these two was that their neighbours in this small patch of ground weren’t spring daffodils ‘fluttering and dancing in the breeze’ or little snowdrops, shyly hanging their heads – no, their neighbours were a crumpled up sheet of plastic, a cereal bar wrapper, a plastic screw top, torn paper and various other bits of detritus, the like of which we human beings commonly throw away for someone else to…

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Future Man…


The Philosopher as ‘man of the future’

is always at odds with the past.

But his real adversary is the present ideal…

He cannot count himself a friend of current knowledge

but rather assumes the garb of ‘cantankerous fool’,

and becomes a poser of leading questions,

the bad conscience  of an age!

His originality lies just beneath the surface

of the hypocrisy, indolence and falshood

of contemporary mores…

Consequently he constantly refuses to be banished

to the dreary dead-ends so beloved of our modern sensibility.

Is such originality today possible?