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Sentinels on the Shore



Barmouth in the county of Gwynedd, North-West Wales was our destination yesterday. The day was relatively dry and bright, a surprise but not unwelcome. The resulting photographs captured the solitude of numerous sentinels lining the beach, and I thought what homage could be paid to these lonely guardians of the shore?

They stand year after year, pushing back the relentless power of the waters of birth and death. For that is the nature of the Elemental power of Water against the Elemental power of Earth. Seashores are places infused with strong emotions, they stir the chalice within, fish out aspects of our lives and offer them as sacred repasts.

These groynes, weathered corpses almost, endeavour to hold back a mighty power, but their valiant efforts cannot stop the inevitable march of life, change and growth.  They should at least be accorded respect and their efforts acknowledged.

Here then is my…

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Hare and Lion…


There once was a Lion who came to town.

“I want Man to be my brother,” said Lion,

“and by and by I will take him into my house.

“Very well,” said Man, and so Lion started visiting him.


Hare saw all this, went home, put on nice clothes,

and came back saying, “I want Man to be my brother.”

“Man is Lion’s brother,” said the other animals.

“Lion is of no importance,” said Hare, “he is my mount.”

Man laughed at that so Hare went home.


When Hare had gone the other animals

told Lion what he had said and Lion became angry.

Lion went to Hare’s house and confronted him.

“I never said anything of the sort,” said Hare,

“and if I weren’t too ill to walk I would come back with you and tell them all so.”

“I’ll carry you back there,” said Lion.


So off they went with Hare on Lion’s back.

The journey was long and the day was hot,

and very soon Hare was gasping and groaning out loud.

“Now, what’s the matter,” said Lion.

“The flies are bothering me,” said Hare, “I will not be able to hold on much longer.”

“I’ll get you a fly switch,” said Lion, which he did, and on they went.


As Hare and Lion approached town,

Man and all the animals came out to see them.

“Hi”, called Hare, beating Lion with the fly switch,

“didn’t I tell you Lion was my mount.”