Sentinels on the Shore



Barmouth in the county of Gwynedd, North-West Wales was our destination yesterday. The day was relatively dry and bright, a surprise but not unwelcome. The resulting photographs captured the solitude of numerous sentinels lining the beach, and I thought what homage could be paid to these lonely guardians of the shore?

They stand year after year, pushing back the relentless power of the waters of birth and death. For that is the nature of the Elemental power of Water against the Elemental power of Earth. Seashores are places infused with strong emotions, they stir the chalice within, fish out aspects of our lives and offer them as sacred repasts.

These groynes, weathered corpses almost, endeavour to hold back a mighty power, but their valiant efforts cannot stop the inevitable march of life, change and growth.  They should at least be accorded respect and their efforts acknowledged.

Here then is my…

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