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Hare-Skin in Moon-Face…


Sister-Sun and Sister-Moon

walked side by side in the sky…

Both were cold.


One day they caught a hare,

skinned it, and put it in a cooking-pot to stew…


While the hare was stewing

The two sisters began to quarrel

over who should take precedence at the meal…

They could not agree

and took to hurling insults at each other.


In her rage Sister-Sun picked up the hare-skin

and flung it in the face of Sister-Moon.


Sister-Moon retaliated by picking up the cooking-pot

and flinging its boiling contents in Sister-Sun’s face.


Sister-Sun and Sister-Moon

no longer walk side by side in the sky…


And since that time

Sister-Sun has become boiling hot

whilst the hare-skin she threw at her sister

can still be seen

in the silvery face of the full moon.




The Wee Man

Walking with a Smacked Pentax

I have recently returned from a trip to the Scottish Highlands – visiting Paul, an old friend who lives there. I also took along Mackenzie, my 9 yr old grandson.

The Highlands are stunning, and we visited several places, including the large stone circle at Killin, and the amazing ‘Praying Hands of Mary’ stone at Glen Lyon. This 16 foot high split stone has people divided as to whether it is natural or man-made. Personally I think it is the latter – the base of the stone fits together perfectly – and it is probably Bronze Age in origin. But that is just my opinion. The locals call it ‘Fionns’ Stone’, after the legendary Scottish Warrior of the same name – who supposedly split the stone with his mighty bow and arrow, shooting it from a nearby mountain in an act of prowess.

Driving back home in the dark, we…

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