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Stratford-Strange II…


…”My first ‘movie memory’ is from the film, The Matrix.

Neo has swallowed the red pill and been unplugged from the system.

Having spent some time acclimatising to the real world, he is finally allowed to re-enter the matrix on a mission, to meet with ‘the oracle’ if memory serves, along with most of the other escapees.

As they drive down the road in a suburb of his ‘old patch’, Neo sees a burger bar that he used to frequent…”

“I know the clip you are referring to. The ‘prisoners’ still held captive within the matrix appear to move more slowly than the escapees. They are sleepwalking through their existence. I think that in this case it seemed like that in Stratford because we were there with a purpose, when most others were merely holidaying tourists or pleasure seeking. We had a job to do and were doing it even though it was also pleasurable for us too!”

“No, it was not just that, even though what you say is perfectly true, and was undoubtedly a big part of it. There was something else…”

“And your second ‘movie memory’?…”

“…Comes from the film, The Man Who Wasn’t There.

Our hero has been inadvertently involved in the murder of his wife’s lover.

All the other accessories to the crime, including his wife, are now also dead, and a private eye his hot on his tail.

‘The man who wasn’t there’, is watching the private eye walk through city crowds in the rain.

It is unclear from the perspective just how and from where ‘the man who wasn’t there’ is observing the private eye.

The crowds are moving faster than the private eye, and the rain, and the voice over of ‘the man who wasn’t there’ is referencing ghosts…”

“I am not familiar with that particular film but the sense of ghostly presence invoked by your description certainly strikes a chord. Not so much in the Black Swan, perhaps, but certainly at the market stalls, and also at the monument, it was like people were looking but not seeing us.”

“It is not the first time that sort of thing has happened.”…










Shell shock

Shamanic Paths

A moment of comfort.
Source: U.S. Army, Korea Media Center: official Korean War online video archive

Sometimes, dreams come simply; any symbolic element of relevance bubbling readily to the surface. Some wake you laughing; with ludicrous images arising from apparently disassociated elements and ideas.

Yesterday morning’s was neither.

Myself and a stranger are somewhere in a muddy field, decanting plastic crates from the back of a Land Rover. There are a bunch of African kids crowding around us, eager to assist carry the contents of the crates into a nondescript building of some vintage.

The stranger has an enormous grin, as he notes how great it is that the village has found this resource so useful. “It’s really helping the people understand what they need to do…” I have no idea what he is talking about.

I’m looking down at the content of the crates. Old VHS tapes, really grotty…

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