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Heart ‘n’ Soul…


“The woodcutter does not have the heart to abandon his children in the wood.

His wife has a heart of stone and resolves to do it herself.

The children are led to the heart of the wood when they follow the flight of a dove.

The dove is a bird of love which comes from the heart.

But the children have not really found the heart of the wood.

They have simply got to the heart of the matter.

Their father’s sweet heart is a heartless ogre.”

– Hansel ‘n’ Gretel


WHAT’S UP DOC? Lines of communication I…

The Silent Eye


For those with eyes to see…


Floor Set up

Altar, placed centrally on chequered floor and covered… With, placed on it, top-hat, upended, with, placed in it, rabbit mask and ears x2, and ‘pack-of-cards’, all also covered. South and North lined with nine chairs for Companions.  Adjudicator 1 (male) to sit on central chair of South. Adjudicator 2 (female) to sit on central chair of North. Two chairs in East. One chair in West.

Bugs and Cara initially sit on chairs in East. When all Companions have entered and are seated Cara and Bugs rise to stand, simultaneously, and Cara walks clockwise to stand in front of the west chair.


Bugs: Friends, Britons, Countrymen…Welcome to our presentation. In keeping with our Shakespearean theme this year, we have determined to develop some of the concepts of the weekend…

Cara: Horizontal Polarity!

(Bugs and Cara walk anti-clockwise. Bugs

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