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A dollop of gruel…


The hour grows late.

The shadows lengthen.

As ever that supernatural fear

of the savage holds sway.

It calls us to the compound to watch it prowl.

We see it reflected in our eyes.

All we designate high culture comes from that gleam.

We glorify it and call it God.

Yet, still fearful, we seek to swipe it from the face of the earth.

Without that glint what remains to serve up for our delectation?



Behind the scenes…

The Silent Eye

It is an odd thing to put on a workshop where ritual and drama are mixed. Odd, but old… theatre has its roots in the sacred drama of ancient times. Even the rituals of the Church have a theatrical element, blending light, song, the glamour of embroidered vestments and the fragrance of incense and oil. These things combine to capture the imagination and emotions, lifting the heart and mind above the humdrum cares of the world and turning them towards the greater Light of the spirit.

None of these dramatic elements are strictly necessary. Turning the mind and heart towards the divine, whether in prayer, adoration or meditation, needs no company. The spiritual journey is ultimately one we must take alone…and yet, we may have company along the way.

It is perfectly possible to access the spiritual realms without any help at all, just as it is perfectly possible to…

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