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existential ergonomics

I had known about Assignment for as far back as memory takes me. I remember sitting on my mother’s lap, swiping through the story of Aloysius’ Destiny and dreaming about the day that I, too, would learn my fate.

Moments earlier, a tall metal door slipped open and I heard my name: Ruchi, Amithi. I stood up quickly, fueled by trepidation and excitement, and smiled at my father briefly before setting down my study cards and rushing to follow the tall grey jumpsuit through to the long hallway. We entered a small room and I gazed upward at the pale underside of a woman’s chin, jutting out from her suit like the heel of a child.

She measured my weight, my height, and my lung capacity, though I knew these factors did not matter unless I fell outside the normal range. I looked away as she drew a vial of…

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Odyssian Airs…


The spirit most resmbles a stomach.

Its intent is always the assimilation of new experience,

according to its digestive capacity.


The free spirit,

that discarder of cloaks and masks,

is endowed with brutal honesty.


To return man back to nature,

to confront man with man

as man confronts the rest of nature,

with dauntless eyes

and ears deaf to the piped strains

of ‘better’ and ‘more’ and ‘above’…


That is the task!


Resilience of the Emboldened Spirit


knight-3003641_1920 Yuri_B, Pixabay

Templar Knights, Cathars, Priests, Priestesses, Mystics, Ancient Gods and Magicians have wandered in and out of my stories on a regular basis. For the Silent Eye’s April workshop in Derbyshire I shall take on a role that’s in keeping with the spirit of these characters. As yet I can’t reveal what that role will be, my perception of their persona will change as I inhabit the skin of this individual.

In Mystery Schools (both ancient and modern) the enactment of mystical dramas amongst other things, served to elucidate profound knowledge; as well as initiate psychological and spiritual processes within the individual. Change in whatever shape and form acts as a catalyst to transform consciousness and reveal insights, regardless of whether we’re ready to accept them! That’s the way of personal growth dear readers.

These words are a reflection of my personal explorations on a mystical and magical journey that…

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