Daily Archives: May 13, 2018

A Voice Called Can’t II…


Uffington, we decided on the way up there, is a ‘biggie’.

A Big Hitter.

Major League.

Top Drawer.

Or any other of the many hackneyed phrases the Tee Vee Heads like to summon in order to express quality.

If we had not visited Uffington that misty March morning just over five years ago we would not be doing what we are now doing.


And that was real mist, just by the way.

Back then we did not even properly know what Uffington was.

But, then, how could we?

We can laugh, now, at the whole ‘is it a horse’ or ‘is it a dragon’ debate.

It is both.

And the clue is Dragon Hill.

But that is not where St George slew the dragon.

That is where St George spied the dragon.

The dragon in the hill…

Which can still be seen to this day.

And we cannot be any more explicit than that.

So, check it out…


to be continued…