A Voice Called Can’t III…


… “The Matter of Britain!”

“I know,” muses Wen, pensively, “People think it’s just Arthur and all that.”

“But before Arthur was a king or a British War Hero, ‘he’ was a constellation.”

“I know,” says Wen, again.

“The Great Bear.”

“The Head Dragon.”

“It’s all star stuff.”

“It’s all star stuff tied to the Earth.”

“And what ties it there?”

“We do, when we sanctify the earth-urge.”

“By George, you’ve cracked it!”

4 thoughts on “A Voice Called Can’t III…

  1. I hope I am not sounding too illiterate, but I don’t know the word ‘Trendle.’ I looked it up but just keep getting Trundle, and I am sure that cannot be the same word. Also, since I have not read Albion yet, I am not sure who Wen is, but I am assuming it is another name for Sue, or a character in that book? Thank you. So many references are very unfamiliar to me in my beginning studies. Thank you kindly.

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  2. Don and Wen are the characters in a series of ‘Spiritual Adventure’ books loosely based on Sue and I… The word ‘trendle’ is not a common one. It refers to a square earthwork enclosure constructed close to the Cerne Abbas Giant, which is a chalk hill figure of legendary status here in England.

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    1. Ah, thank you so much. You have many references there in England that are not familiar here in the U.S. so that helps a lot. Love learning all these wonderful things.

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