WHAT’S UP DOC? Lines of communication V…

The Silent Eye


…Cara… ‘I reign over you, saith the God of Justice.




Move therefore and show yourselves.

Appear unto us; open the mysteries of your Creation, the balance of

Righteousness and Truth.’


Bugs: The three names are the Angels who rule over the Tablet of Union in the Enochian System devised by Doctor John Dee and Edward Kelley…

Cara: So, some questions… What are Angels? Anybody… (discuss)

Bugs: Who numbers them? (we do…)

Cara: Who gives them names? (we do…)

Bugs: What is the Angelic function?

Cara: So… Horizonal polarity, the mundane oppositions of the world which as we have seen are interchangeable and are ever flipping, versus… Vertical polarity… World/Otherworld… Heaven/Earth… Human/Divine, we’d like to propose two definitions.

Bugs: Horizontal Polarity encompasses, ‘Everything we know or think we know.’ … which is mutable.

Cara: Vertical Polarity encompasses, ‘Everything we don’t know or don’t think…

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3 thoughts on “WHAT’S UP DOC? Lines of communication V…

  1. This wonderful silent, rainy and cold morning I am listening to the beautiful composition, “Oh Holy One, by John Tavenera. As I listened to this beautiful soul-expanding music, my mind was full of wondering about Angels. It does seem that they are an intermediate means of communication and understanding between the Gods and Mankind as it were. When they come to visit human beings, it always seems to be to explain something, or to comfort a person about a situation that is happening in the course of their lives, or to give the person strength and courage to survive in a situation that might be about to endanger the person’s life. I had never thought about it before, but Angels are very different from the Gods. What an interesting way of viewing them. One of the things I love about this course of study is that it does not just stay in one direction, but expands out into many different aspects of the mysteries of the universe. I feel truly energized by all the things that are coming to me throughout the days. Thank you one and all.

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      1. Yes, I found I could not just listen to one, but spent hours listening to his music. I love this type of music. Music is such an important part of any genre of literature. Thank you. I live the additional dimension this has created.

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