Wherever the spirit of industry

triumphs over the aristocratic spirit

woman aspires to the economic and legal independence of a clerk.


‘Erica-the-Cleric’, stands inscribed over the portal of our modern society.


There has been an almost masculine stupidity about this movement

of which real women, that is to say clever women, are heartily ashamed.

There has been a desire to make woman more cultivated

as if history had not declared that to cultivate anything

is to make it weaker.


That in woman which inspires respect is her ‘nature’,

which is more ‘natural’ than that of man,

her beast-of-prey suppleness and inner savagery.


Woman is being divested of her enchantment.


Europe, O’ Europe…

No Goddess lies concealed within this crazy notion.

It is just an idea, and a thoroughly modern idea at that!




9 thoughts on “Claw-in-Glove…

  1. Oh my, this is sure to bring out some vile responses from the mainstream of women’s contemporary followers.

    I reposted it on Google. Thank you kindly.

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      1. It’s pretty amazing that friends we have known for years – women friends – will attack another woman without thinking twice if she says something that turns out to be unpopular. Recently I was on my list of friends, and had not cleaned it for a long time. I noted sadly that two of my friends who had since passed away were still listed and shown as friends as if they were still there. I could not think of the right thing to do, so I asked online, and some of the people more or less let me know that it was a really horrible thing to delete friends who had passed on because they had meant something during their lifetime. There have been other times too when I have inadvertently said the wrong thing not realizing that, and been really reviled by a number of the women. I think I would have corrected someone or added my thoughts on what the person might do, but I would not have attacked the person for something that was rightfully their own choice.

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  2. Another instance where a great post is followed by equally riveting comments and I must admit that I feel a sense of relief reading how others also struggle with how some women behave and how many of us are retreating because we just don’t want a bar of it. I do have some very dear women friends, but when I was younger I mainly had male friends and I always knew where I stood, although, that said, quite a few drifted off after I got married… I am finding an increasing level of aggression among women and very strong opinions. They have to be right. I also noticed one Australian journalist say she wanted her two young daughters to grow up with role models of “strong women” and this theme of “strong women” seems to be creeping into the public arena. I’m just not so sure about this, and probably should write a post about it myself. Back in the 80s, we have the New Age Sensitive Guy (SNAG) and the idea of men becoming more emotional and sensitive and now we have the ideal, which probably isn’t new, of the strong woman. A modern Joan of Arc perhaps. Personally, I’m looking for a more rounded individual. Someone who has strength but also compassion. Someone who can cry when there needs to be tears and yet also be a rock and persevere. I don’t believe these qualities need to be mutually exclusive. Indeed, when I really think about it, just want people to be nice, but that’s probably not going to gain much traction. It’s too boring.
    By the way, in terms of merging strength and sensitivity, I think Prince Harry is becoming an great inspiration and no doubt his new bride as well. Don’t know as much about her yet.
    Best wishes,

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