Around the Sun

Sun in Gemini

‘Around the Sun’, my mighty oak returns

Resplendent, emerging green

Exquisite tones of life reveal

What words cannot

That life overwhelms

The darkness

©Stephen Tanham

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2 thoughts on “Around the Sun

  1. Yes, when we think on death and dying, it is good to remember that new life keeps appearing all the time, so it is just another part of the cycle of life. We may return to earth again, perhaps as humans, and perhaps as another life form. We really don’t know for certain not only about this issue, but so many issues in life. Even when others acknowledge us as being visionary or perhaps other adjectives that have similar meanings, we are still limited in what we actually know of the way the universe knows. I am wondering what new things we will learn in our own lifetimes. It is clear to me though, that the complexity of some of the earliest archaeological sites is not that of basic beginners. Having studied archaeology, I have seen and read things about some of the most unlikely materials, creatures, etc. that speak to me of this universe having supported life long before what we currently know. I believe in being open to possibilities related to what is what in the universe.

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