Ear-Wig II…


… “But let us suppose a stateman were to put his nation in the position

of having to pursue ‘grand politics’ though it were ill equipped to do so.”


“Or worse, suppose he forced his nation to politicise when it had otherwise

better things to do…”


“Would we call such a statesman great?”


“Undoubtedly, else he would not have been able to achieve such a feat.

He may have been mad to attempt it but perhaps all greatness starts out as madness.”


“I disagree, we might want to call him strong and mad but never great!”


Let the ignorant speculate –

When one nation becomes spiritually shallow,

another sets out for the deep…

12 thoughts on “Ear-Wig II…

  1. It is interesting for this situation or these situations could be true throughout the history of the world, and likely are. We can likely all relate to today’s political situations, but in reality, has there actually been a time throughout history when totally perfect choices were made and carried out? And to what extend were the people who were affected by those choices affected, either by helping to carry them out perhaps on another level, or perhaps by simple failure to do anything at all? Today I think we can all see situations where the people are involved with destructive politics without even understanding what their actions are leading to, and I am sure it is not so different from other times in the history of the world.

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  2. I suppose anything is possible. I am not certain that I have ever seen it in my lifetime, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen at some time.

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